About Us

About Short Hills Aviation Services

We provide clients with exceptional jet charter service by making every air travel experience as time saving, enjoyable, and cost-effective as possible.

Short Hills Aviation Services is a federally chartered aircraft carrier providing on demand air charter service around the world. Our team features highly experienced schedulers and licensed FAA dispatchers to schedule and track all flights to provide comfort for our clients. Whether you own your own private jet and need aircraft management, or are looking to book a private jet, Short Hills Aviation Services strives to accommodate your needs.


Our fleet features many amenities, including Wi-Fi on domestic and international flights, so you can stay connected with those on the ground and never miss a moment when traveling to your next destination.


Our jets are also pet friendly, so you can bring your furry friend to your next destination in style.*


Concerned about the environmental impact of your flight? All of our private jets operate a fuel-efficient fleet with minimal emissions, to help protect you and our environment.

*Please note: due to international traveling laws, we do not accept exotic pets at this time. Cats and dogs are permitted.

Whether you’re looking to seal the big contract, accept an award or visit one of your overseas offices… rich rewards await you.

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